If only an artist was not able to be inspired by sounds, was unable to see, thus obvious, clichéd sources would be unavailable for him. Scent is that very case when nobody will ever understand the history of things, just interpret their story on their own. An artist, inspired by fragrances, without seeing or hearing, can create absolutely private, intimate artwork, that will be saturated with nostalgic past and shimmering future.

ODOR in various of languages means scent, but in each dialect notes of fragrance are different: pleasing, stimulating, and even repulsive. This is the very situation when author's creation will be understood individually by his viewers: as direct associations don't exist.

My ODOR smells like niche perfume on a naked body, like lit dance floor from the 80s and sultry night club, stranger's bedroom and leather harness. It does not matter who he is, the character of my collection: a diligent family man, young wanderer, or canonical dandy - wearing my clothing, a man starts to feel himself as a part of a whole new, unreachable before world. A world, free from prejudice and mediocrity. He is the main character of his own life.

Disco ambassadors, people dressed in irrefutable haute couture. I invest in my stories the maximum effort and let each piece literally through myself. The Atelier ODOR conception - is a concept of an Italian sartoria, when one who owns a piece of highest sartorial art understands the importance of the acquitted investment.

If you have nothing to prove and you are able to distinguish people by the odour of their skin and your perfume range is narrow, but polyphonic, then my efforts are not in vain and Atelier ODOR is just for you!